Mission Statement

"The mission of the organization is to serve as an information and advocacy vehicle to advance the interests and improve the overall quality of life for African American citizens of Delaware County, Pennsylvania."



Rather than having a traditional president or vice president's of the organization, the founders of DCBC decided that leadership should be equally shared among several members. As a result the founding members elected 5 Conveners who are responsible for leading the organization.

Anthony H. Williams
State Senator - 8th District

William Felder
Sharon Hill Councilman

LaToya Monroe
Yeadon Borough Council President

Malcolm Yates
Marcus Hook

Myron McNeely 
of Upper Darby, PA

Lanna Minor  
Darlene Hill

Judiciary & Law Enforcement

This committee works to advance issues important to African-Americans in the criminal justice system and the legal system. This committee is working on establishing a police advisory commission for residents of Delaware County. This committee has also held a forum on criminal justice reform with county officials, and advocated for African-American representation on the Board of Corrections. This committee has also supported the advocacy work of Leroy Evans who has been in prison for over 30 years for a crime he did not commit.

Arnold Jones

Event Planning

The purpose of this committee is to plan, host and / or support events that promote the mission of the Delaware County Black Caucus. This committee is also responsible for planning the annual symposium in October and supports the organization’s annual anniversary fundraiser which happens during the month of June each year.

Darlene Hill


The work of the education committee aligns with the mission of the Caucus to improve the quality of education for African Americans in Delaware County and to address issues including but not limited to increasing teach diversity in schools, diversity training for teachers, support of Cheyney University, quickly addressing issues of racial crisis or discrimination in DelCo schools, advocacy for proper and equitable funding, ensuring students are receiving access to strong educational programs, and ensuring students are safe in school. 

Bonnee Breese Bentum

Finance & Fundraising

The purpose of the finance and fundraising committee is to oversee the fundraising efforts of the Caucus. This committee’s main focus is to raise funds for the organization and support the treasurer in fundraising efforts to carryout the work and initiatives of the Caucus.

Darlene Hill


The purpose of the membership committee is to oversee the nominations, election, and on boarding process of new members as well as ensuring all members are and remain in good standing with the organization. 

Rita Waters

Health & Welfare

The purpose of the health and welfare committee is to research, advocate, and support health and welfare initiatives that impact the African American community in Delaware County.

Marah Manners


This committee is responsible for creating and overseeing the public written and verbal communication of the organization. This committee is also responsible for producing a quarterly newsletter, the development of the organization’s website, all social media for the Caucus, and the development of official statements or press releases in partnership with other committees and/or the Conveners of the organization.

Sybil Bell

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